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The most innovative ideas come to life through meaningful partnerships

On the 10th floor of a historic Hollywood tower, music lovers and groundbreaking talent joined together in an atmosphere of creativity & innovation…and magic was made.

A decade later, we’ve reunited with a mission to empower talent to reach their full potential by helping build meaningful communities through better storytelling & engagement.

All of us start somewhere.

Welcome to                                  


Our mission is to empower artists to share their unique story & build powerful connections with fans

We strive to provide every project with a unique and holistic marketing approach. Let's work together to discover your story and create a strategy that builds your brand. From there, we’ll help connect your narrative to audiences using our expertise in understanding cultural trends and building powerful fandoms.

We’ve done this type of thing before…

Together, we have 25 years of combined experience within leadership positions at major record labels, talent management, and social media technology companies bringing to life award-winning marketing campaigns and fan engagement strategies that have become industry standards.

Stats, awards, and company names are great, but where we get the most energy is by propelling developing artists to international fame, revitalizing iconic catalogs, and maintaining top talent's success.

…and we’re proud to have partnered with incredible talent


It's time to take your project to the next level

Together we can! We’ll work with you and your community to create the most effective and meaningful strategy to meet your goals. Here are just a few tools we can provide to get you there quicker.

Marketing Strategy
Short-Form & Long-Form
Content Strategy
Account Management
CRM & Shopping Optimization
Project Management
Data Analysis
Partner Relationships
Digital Innovation

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